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JRVD very rapidly publishes review articles, research articles, and case reports, as well as papers from the annual meeting of the Renovascular Forum. Readers can directly comment on the published articles through the Bulletin Board. All articles are subjected to thorough peer-review and will be published and fully citable within about a month of acceptance.
  Comparison of N-acetylcysteine and ascorbic acid in prevention of renal dysfunction after coronary angioplasty
Journal of Renovascular Disease 2008 Volume 6, pp 1-5 (posted 7 May 2008)

Author: Kamran Aghasadeghi and Vahid Akbari
DOI: 10.1102/1473-1827.2008.0001
  Frequency of renal artery stenosis in patients with recurrent pulmonary edema
Journal of Renovascular Disease 2007 Volume 5, pp 1-4 (posted 9 July 2007)

Author: Mohammad Bagher Sharifkazemi, Mahmood Zamirian and Amir Aslani
DOI: 10.1102/1473-1827.2007.0005
  Does the pressure gradient in renal artery stenosis before and after percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty predict initial and long-term outcome?
Journal of Renovascular Disease 2006 Volume 4, pp 7-13 (posted 28 November 2006)

Author: Alaa Alhadad, Ingrid Mattiasson, Krasnodar Ivancev, Mats Lindh, Anders Gottsater and Bengt Lindblad
DOI: 10.1102/1473-1827.2006.0002
  Sequential determination of individual renal function in
atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis

Journal of Renovascular Disease 2006 Volume 4, pp 1-6 (posted 14 September 2006)

Author:  D Ricciardi, C Farmer, G Cook, J Reidy, J Scoble
DOI: 10.1102/1473-1827.2006.0001
  Posterior leuko-encephalopathy syndrome as the presentation of
renal artery stenosis

Article 2, Vol 2, pp 48-53 (posted June 2004)

Author:  Robert Parker, Marlies Ostermann, John Reidy and David Goldsmith
DOI: 10.1102/1473-1827.2003.0013

Renal failure caused by undiagnosed atheroembolic disease
Article 2, Vol 2, pp 45-47
(posted February 2004)
Author:  Paramit Chowdhury, Patrick O’Donnell and John E Scoble
DOI: 10.1102/1473-1827.2003.0015

Endovascular stent grafting of abdominal aortic aneurysms: a radiologist's view on a new potential issue in renovascular disease    
Article 2, Vol 2, pp 34-36
(posted January 2004)
Author:  Nicholson 1 (EVAR)
DOI: 10.1102/1473-1827.2003.0010

Renal Protection during Intervention
Article 2, Vol 2, pp 37-40
(posted January 2004)
Author:  Nicholson 2 (RENAL)
DOI: 10.1102/1473-1827.2003.0011


Stents and restenosis: the development of drug-eluting stents
Article 2, Vol 2, pp 17-33 (posted January 2004)
Author:  Patel et al
DOI: 10.1102/1473-1827.2003.0002

  Atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis — the challenge of patient mortality
R Srirajaskanthan, D Goldsmith (posted April 2003)

ASTRAL - the story so far

K Wheatley(posted March 2003)


Individual kidney function in renovascular disease
JE Scoble, GJR Cook (posted June 2002)